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10 Essential Hiking Items

We will revisit the possibles bag, where I try to include as many of the 10 Essential Hiking Items as possible along with a few luxury items when I’m out hiking. If I’m going out for longer than 2 hours, then I will add a day pack and add what’s missing.

After a previous season, I’ve found that I didn’t need to stuff the bag full of items, but rather keep space so that I can reach in and get what I need.

As for the essential hiking items, I took the list of a recent research study in New England rather than the classic list that you can find by searching for it. I find that this new list is more realistic for my region. All of these items can be packed into any day pack, allowing you to have ready anytime you are heading out into the wilderness.

Lets compare…..

Classic Ten Essentials

White Mountains Essentials List (Shown in Video Below)

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