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15th Anniversary Malt – Garrison Brewing

The second 15th anniversary brew from Garrison is here! Back in the spring, we were treated to the Ginger & Mango anniversary brew which was fantastic. I had heard that a 2nd version would be coming out in the winter and only thing I knew that it was going to be dark.

Jesus H, this thing is BLACK & THICK.

We had tasted a fantastic brew from Quebec, also chocolate & vanilla so the bar was set pretty high, and we found that the vanilla didn’t quite come out as expected. Great chocolate flavour and very smooth. Might be different if the beer warmed up a bit.

It’s very good, but we are interested to see how it will taste when aged. If you can find it, only 3500 bottles are being produced and at 9%, worthy product to try.

However, we give the ginger mango version higher points.
Our second 15th anniversary brew is intensely rich, complex, big, dark, roasty, bittersweet… You get the point! Jet black with a deep tan head, it’s all been leading to this!

Malts include Kiln Amber, Kiln Coffee, Aromatic, Carapils, Victory, Wheat, Vienna, Black, Munich, Pale & Dark Chocolate, Light & Dark Crystal, Pale Ale, Rye, Roast Barley, Oat Flakes


15 of ’em!





The aroma is vanilla,darkchocolate,coffee,molasses,dark
fruits(dates,prunes)andcitrus.Flavour notes are dark
chocolate/espresso,molasses,vanilla,dark fruits with burnt
currant character and a lingering roastiness.Full and chewy
with a velvety texture.

Best enjoyed in a snifter glass.Pairs very well with rich
chocolate desserts,cheesecake,hearty beef stews and
strong cheeses,such as Rochefort and Stilton.



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