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2011 Halifax Seaport Beerfest

Enjoyed a tasting session at the 5th seaport beerfest along the Halifax waterfront. Garrison Brewery helped organize a great event with the Halifax Seaport Market nearby. Close to 200 beers & ciders were available over 3 2.5 hour blocks from friday night , saturday afternoon & saturday night.


Luckily, Premiere Wines, located in downtown Halifax gave me a ticket for Friday night, and that gave me more than ample time to check out Maine & Quebec brewers.


Saturday was spent focusing mostly on Ontario brewers. Taste of Nova Scotia had a few tents selling food, including scanways. Lots of IPA beers were around, along with stouts. It was interesting to focus on try as many IPA – you really see now how everyone is a bit different.


Our top beers are the following:



Other mentions are:

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