2022 BRP Can-Am Defender Base & DPS Accessories You Should Get

When shopping for a side by side ATV, there are plenty of options on the market. It certainly took me a few months to figure out which brand/model to go for after spending a lot of time on my needs. I settled on the 2022 BRP Can-Am Defender DPS HD7 to be an all-round utility and recreation. Also our family is composed of three members, so that immediately steered us towards this type of machines.

Enclosed Cab or Not?

Pretty much first question I needed to answer, as the trend for these side by sides is going towards fully enclosed cabs with heat and air conditoning. However, I felt that it was a ”nice to have” and with the accessory market out there, I could most likely slowly upgrade my machine.

Power Steering or Not?

With the enclosed cab question out of the way, I really only had two options for the Defender: Base or DPS model. The only difference between the two was an accessory, differencial lock switch and digital power steering. I figured for snow clearing the ease of steering while pushing snow would be very useful.

Can-Am Defender DPS Accessory Included

Like I said above, the DPS trim level only includes a single accessory and that is the passenger side storage bin located on the dash. Small enought to hold the operators manual and winch remote cable. I don’t find it it will fit more than snacks or a tire repair kit.

Dealer Installed Accessories ”Must Haves”

When ordering the Can-Am Defender DPS, I also added a few accessories to be installed by the dealer, as these are almost the first two you will be buying as I don’t think I’ve seen a Defender that doesn’t have these items:

  • Roof
  • Winch

These two accessories are ”must have” in my opinion as if you will be adding doors or pushing snow with a blade or getting yourself out of the mud while on trail, these need to be added to your budget.

Can-AM Defender Accessories That You Will Want After Your First Ride

My next door neighbour offered to guide me around some trails outside our sub-division after he saw me unload the side by side (he has a 2021 Yamaha Viking). It was a windy January day, and while we were dressed for the weather- I immediately added a bunch of accessories in my shopping cart before the next ride.

Storage For Your Recovery Kit And Other Tie Downs

I opted for the open storage container that is located under the driver seat to hold all my ropes, straps and everything else I need for my recovery kit. Unlike the midle or passenger storage containers, This bin doesn’t have a cover so easy to access.

Visiblity Behind You

Next Up was Mirrors. It is surprising how often I was looking behind me during the run, backing up the machine, looking what was bedind me before I did a left turn, etc… I opted for the panormaic center mirror as I couldn’t decide on side mirror. But this was probably the better option for cost and east of installation.

More Storage Around The Dashboard

I don’t why BRP doesn’t add this 30$ accessory as a default but you have alots of storage under the dashboard. But while riding everything will drop out. You need compartment nets to hold everything in.

Accessory For The Rear Of Can-AM Defender

Next up is a bit of protection behind our heads. I debated a lot whether or not to get a simple wind screen or a soft vinyl or hard polycarbonate windshield. Iopted for the windscreen as it still allows some air flow, but keep the back of your neck off the off or wind when stopped.

Accessory For the Front Of Can-Am Defender

Last accessory was a full front windshield. I opted for a full polycarbonate windshield, I wasn’t interested at this point in the glass or the glass with wiper option or the half windshield. What I wanted was something to keep the branches out of the cab. This ended up being a big game changer as obviiously it protects you from the wind while driving at higher speeds, it also bounces your sounds back into the cab making it easier to hear passengers talk.

Can-AM Defender Accessories For Next Season

My shopping cart isn’t empty, but these accessories are on my radar for next season as I slowly will build out my ride: