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Since 2006, I have dabbled in the geotourism scene via a non-profit organization that I founded to take advantage of the growing use of technology within the outdoors. I focused heavily on partnerships with Provincial & National Parks by creating several geocaching (geotourism) programs across Canada that have been emulated and adapted by other groups.

My background in community development, content creation, training & managing projects allows me to provide to partners experience and professionalism.

After eight years- my interests evolved towards general outdoor recreation. Avoiding Chores Publishing was created in 2012 by Jim Cyr and is a single person owner/operation that is a registered small business in Nova Scotia as a content development & delivery operation. Past projects included web, video, and eBooks. With the help of a developer, I published an iOS app called NSTrails that leveraged all the GPS hiking data I collected over the years. That project sunset at the end of 2016. You can peruse the content in eBook format now.

But it’s not all serious currently, I regularly create niche/local content. I’m currently focusing my efforts on providing high quality, short video content on Garmin products for outdoors & running. This has been a niche that comes naturally to me and judging from the video views over the years, a lot of people need a little help with their GPS devices after purchase.

During normal working hours, I am a SAP certified consultant within the Procurement & Sourcing area of business using SAP S/4HANA and SAP Ariba.

Contact Jim via Social Media channels.

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[title type=”special-h3-left” color=””]Skills I Bring to The Table[/title]

  • Social Media “influencer” toolkit
  • Audio/Video Production & Editing
  • eBook Authoring (iBooks, ePub)
  • Project Management
  • Consulting Services

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