Activating Garmin inReach Explorer+ in Real-Time

I recorded a livestream where I activated the Garmin inReach Explorer+ in real-time. The activation process is the same for all current inReach models, including the SE+ and previous generation.


  • You need 2 emergency contacts, credit card and 20 minutes with your computer (includes 10 minutes to activate the device outside) to get setup with your inReach device.
  • You can skip activation and use the inReach as GPS only.
  • Delorme Topo Maps are pre-loaded but you can sync different maps on the inReach portal



2:10 – Unboxing
3:50 – Can you use the inReach as a GPS and Not Activate?
4:30 – Turning on for first time
5:00- Skipping Activation Wizard
6:30 – Calibrating Electronic Compass
9:20 – Activating The Device
10:40 Adding a new device to existing account
12:50 – Service Plan Selection
15:55 – Adding Credit Card info
17:55 – Go outside to finish activation
21:05 – Assign user to device
22:15 – Accessories
27:50 – Activation Complete
29:50 – Talking about Delorme maps
30:50 – Manage Maps on Device (answer: use inreach portal & sync via desktop)
31:40 – Pairing inreach via bluetooth
39:00 – Downloading Maps on Smartphone

I got the Garmin Explorer+ and I’ll show you what the process is activating it on your account plus answer the typical questions I’ve encountered while talking about this latest generation of device.



  1. Need Credit card
  2. 2 Emergency contacts
  3. Your billing info
  4. Access to a computer
  5. 20 minutes (to activate the device and download the inReach Sync program)

Note that if you are adding another inreach to your account, you still need to apply a credit card to the device. Also you need to assign a new user to the device. The same user can’t be assigned to multiple devices.

You can bypass the activation to use the GPS functions. To activate the device, you should see the ACTIVATION icon on the screen. The wizard will guide you through the process, including displaying the IMEI and authorization code.

For best results, once you have added the deivce to your inreach account, take the device outside so that it can register via the satellites. This should take about 10 minutes.


Registration Process

Watch these videos to see the portion of activation where you didn’t see my computer screen. The process is basically the same, maybe the webpages are a bit different but here’s how it goes:

  1. Create inReach portal account
  2. Register your inReach, choose your country
  3. Enter your IMEI & authorization code
  4. Enter your 2 emergency contacts
  5. Choose your service plan
  6. Enter your credit card information
  7. Go outside with your inReach to finish the process
  8. Download the Sync application to your desktop to sync / update the firmware.