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Admiral Lake Loop

 Decided to take advantage of a cool morning and do the 10km loop along the Musquodoboit Traillway Association trail: Admiral Lake Loop trail.

This is a wilderness type trail and some sections along a cliff which overlooks the nearby harbour and into the Atlantic Ocean.

We started out along the rails to trail terminus and hike for almost 4km before we took the trailhead for the actual loop. We decided to the “long” way, which is to finish at the lookout, then downhill to about 1.7km from the car. Most people would just head up the steep incline to the lookout for a much shorter hike.

Trail is well maintained for wilderness hiking, there is some primitive facilities along the trailway section, but one you are on the loop there is nothing.

Along the way there are a number of sights such as Skull Rock, Rolling Stone, the Cave and of course a fantastic view of Admiral Lake which is essentially on the other side of the cliff.

Good footwear, water and usual hiking essentials for this hike. You can bring your dog, but be mindful of the steep section at the various lookoffs where the steep drop is substantial.


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