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Alternative To Bear Spray For Hikers – BASU eAlarm+ (formerly Robocopp sound grenade+)

Note: was absorbed into in early 2017. Updated link to view products.

When you start doing backcountry hiking at a later age it is natural that you might want to have some deterrence with you to help scare away some of the critters that might be lurking nearby. Note that depending where you live or hike, in those regions they may recommend specific items. Such as in the Arctic where a rifle is highly suggested or in some National Parks where Bear Spray is required.

But in my region, I only have to worry about a handful of animals: coyote, black bear, deer & moose.

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Let’s look at some other non-lethal deterrence you can buy. I just happen to have previously purchases a few when I started getting serious with hiking.

Bear spray
Kinda expensive
Needs a holster not in your pack
Can’t travel with it via plane or across borders

Air horn
Cheap and easy to find
Need to holster
Can’t travel with it via plane
Around 130 db

Fox 40 whistle
Small Cheap
Lung power
Easily packable

That’s why I think the BASU eAlarm+ is a happy medium between a loud air horn with the portability of a whistle within a battery operated device that is easy to carry and is travel friendly. Thanks to Jill at formerly Robocopp for sending this item to me to evaluate during my recent hiking trips.


ROBOCOPP Sound Grenade+ specs

Two CR1632 coin type batteries (up to 5 years shelf life)
LOUD: 130 dB Siren (As Loud as an Ambulance)
COMPACT: Only 3.4 x 1.22 x 0.51 in. + TSA APPROVED
LIGHT WEIGHT: Less than 1 Ounce (20g)
LONG LIFESPAN: 30 Minutes Total Alarm Use
MULTIPLE USE: Reinsert Pin & Use Again


What I like about it

Some negatives

Overall I’ve found this a great device that be clipped easily to your pack or belt loop once you find the right clip size/combination. The shelf life of the CR1632 batteries will make this a good addition to your kit for a few years. I’m using the device while running and hiking. The modification I made by adding a simple fob portion at the pin end and clipping the body to my pack or belt is ready for quick pull.

You can also be creative at camp and make use of the loops to make tripwires to secure your tent or gear.

They also have a smaller version suitable for keychain and campus safety. Check them out at BASU.COM



What is the battery used?
Two CR1632 coin cell batteries.

How long does the battery last?
30 minutes of total alarm use or 1 year (whichever comes first).

Does the device just stop working after 1 year if I haven’t used it?
Not at all. We guarantee the battery under warranty for at least one year, but this type of battery will typically last up to 5 years on standby.

How many uses is the battery good for?
Unlimited uses. You can reuse your Sound Grenade over and over until you reach 30 minutes of total alarm use. The sound and cadence of the siren will begin to weaken gradually after you surpass the 30-minute mark.

Why is the battery sealed?
Unlike other consumer electronics, this is a safety commercial-grade product. Your safety is important to us and the device must function when you need it most. The battery is sealed to make the device water-resistant and childproof. A sealed battery also prevents an assailant from silencing the device.

Do you have a replacement program?
YES! We will replace your device 100% for free if used in an emergency. Just send an email
What counts as an “emergency?”
A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

Are the batteries user replaceable?
The batteries are not user replaceable. Since this is a personal safety device and your life may depend on it, we recommend replacing the entire device after battery depletion for mint-condition functionality.

Been carrying the @robocopp sound grenade + while #hiking clipped to my backpack for quick access #gear #outdoors

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