Bikepacking Up Fire Tower Road At Kejimkujik National Park

Took the fat bike to Kejimkujk National park to ride what used to be a popular mountain bike route called Fire Tower. This is straight forward, you biked up 10km to the fire tower and back.

Grabbed some new gear for this trip as I dabbed my toes into bikepacking. -blackburn dry bag & roll – jetboil flash – camping folding chair The first 5k was fairly nice since we went down the road towards Mason cabin but at the fork, took a right up fire tower road where things were fine until we hit Portage B. From there the road became rutted and somewhat difficult to ride with the over growth coming into the road.

I had a hard time to stay in the singletrack so I stayed in the middle. Portage E was supposed to be the side trip down to the camp site for lunch but it was occupied, so I didn’t want to disturb. So I continued up the fire tower road to the tower. It appeared smaller than what google maps lead you to believe. However, nobody said anything about the abandoned cabin where the fire staff would stay during forest fires. It looked like it was left around 2010. You can see all sorts of graffiti to document this change.

Overall I was not thrilled on the condition of the road since I last travelled it. The wheel ruts were deep and with the fat tires, hard to navigate. I would attempt the ride to Mason Cabin instead.