Brace the Snowstorm: My First Time Plowing With Can-Am Defender Promount Snow Plow

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

First Real Snow Was In January

Finally over 18cm (7 inches) of snow in this winter season, Which is great as I’ve been waiting to use my plow kit up to this point.

You will see me making a bunch of mistakes, trying to adjust the blade height and figuring out the best way to clear my driveway which is on an incline. Another challenge is that I’m in Nova Scotia Canada, so it is important for me to get the driveway as close to the gravel as possible as we go from freeze to thaw and I don’t want to have a pure ice driveway.

If I had a flat driveway, I would be building up a layer in order to glide over the snow better. Overall, I was really happy with the 64 inch can-am promount steel plow mounted on my Can-am defender hd7. It made the job faster as opposed to using a snowblower.

While I’m still dragging gravel here and there, I am not throwing it with the blower. My driveway is gravel, with the 11 degree slope and there’s a new section we extended this year, so lots of uneven and un packed gravel so I knew that I would be dragging rocks this time. Add to the face we did not freeze over yet so the ground is very soft.

Finally a Nor’Easter in March

Ironic that in early march, we finally get a good winter storm after a mild winter with very little of the white stuff on the ground. We got about 28cm of good East Coast snow with snow drifts after a windy evening.

So that meant that I finally will give the side by side and new snow plow kit a good workout. I always wondered how it would do with our steep driveway and deep snow. Using my Can-Am Defender with 66 inch Promount snow plow kit, I had the machine on 4-low with the differential lock on and after shovelling the front decks, it was time to clear out the rest of the driveway.