Cam-Am Defender ATV Trail Riding – Nova Scotia Mersey Bowater to Ellerhouse Loop

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On this trip, a Yamaha Viking and Can-Am Defender goes out for a loop run starting from the Mersey Bowater parking lot and the route consists of crossing into the Ellerhouse Windmill farm and using the service road along the 101 highway back to the Pipeline road trail back to the start.

This was a ~91km loop which took about 3.5 hours including a lunch stop at the windmills.

Video Chapters

0:00 Intro
1:12 Along Rail to Trails
3:00 Hiking Trail & Pipeline
9:00 Exit 5A
11:40 Entry Point 1
13:13 Entry Point 2
14:45 Entry Points Junction
16:00 Exiting Mersey Bowater
18:03 Finding Service Road
22:50 Pipeline Road

The route consists of starting along the hiking trail road and to cut across the gravel pit, parallel to highway 103 and towards exit 5A. From there we get on the end of hiking trail road and get to the top of the loop where we take a left and exit the Bowater Mersey and onto the Windmill farm lands. Once at the windmills, you can find the snowmobile trail that leads to the transmission lines and in our case able to get quick access to the service road which runs parallel of highway 101 until we hit the end of the pipeline road trail. From there it is a straight line back to the junction with hiking trail road and back to start.

Overall trail difficulty rating is a 2.5 out of 5 where the section to get to the service road from the windmill farm includes some terrain negotiation, but overall route is logging roads with the odd large rock or washout.

Note that the route will require you to haver a trail pass as you’ll be exiting the Mersey bowater crown land and onto managed land.

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