Camping Knots to Make a Dog Leash

This project is pretty much the survival paracord bracelet, but I’m using different types of cord and it’s for a dog leash.

Here I break down the project by learning 3 basic camping knots: constrictor, cow hitch & figure 8. The only issue with this project is where to place the hook, at the start or at the end.



Also, a point to consider is that if you have a dog that pulls, you may want to finish the leash so that if there is slippage, you will have something to stop it. That is the reason why I chose to finish the project with simple figure 8 knots. I chose this instead of other fancy knots.

So to produce a 3.5 foot leash, you will need as shown in this video: 4 m of 2.75mm cord, 12m of 2mm cord.

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