Nova Scotia Hiking Trail Guide

By Jim Cyr ISBN: 9780986653421 (iBooks) ISBN: 9780986653438 (ePub) Category: Travel/ Canada/ Atlantic Provinces (NB, NF, NS, PE), Hiking The eBook is available in two editions. iOS multi-touch for iPad ePub, optimized for iPhone users   Get It Now For Your e-Reader [pricing_table style=”standard” pricing_item=”3755″ columns=”3″]   Explore Nova Scotia’s hiking trails with this trail guide.… Continue reading Nova Scotia Hiking Trail Guide

Performance Flexibility for Runners

Dr. Jason Gray ISBN: 9780986653414 Category: Sports & Recreation / Running & Jogging Tight muscles and joints make efficient running impossible as they block the key motions and movement patterns needed for optimal running technique. Not only will this affect your running performance by making your stride less efficient, but it will also accelerate the… Continue reading Performance Flexibility for Runners

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