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  • Encrypted Messaging Server Using Matrix Synapse

    Encrypted Messaging Server Using Matrix Synapse

    Join the Avoiding Chores Messaging Server here. Over the holidays, I decided to setup an encrypted decentralized messaging server similar to Signal or Telegram. An open source initiative called Matrix went out of beta in 2019, offering a decentralized node messaging server that looks very interesting and so far has been utilized by the government […]

  • Episode 21 – Business Continuity Plans

    [powerpress] This week the boys get back and compare notes from another week of isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. We talked about how life is in our areas, the lineup and what we are watching on the streaming services.

  • Episode 20 – Isolation Edition

    [powerpress] We are back after a LONG break, and what better way to spend a friday night is to stumble with technology and use new tools to continue the hangout.

  • Episode 19 – Monkeys loose in a lab from a cocaine experiment

    [powerpress] That’s right! The band is getting back together cause too much monkey loose from a cocaine experiment news to not talk about!  

  • PART 6 – Deep Dive Into The 80’s – 1985

    [powerpress] We are halfway through our deep dive into the 80’s where as teenage boys we were into wrestling, new coke, compact dics. Windows 1.0 came out, some of us started to get into the PC computers, dialling into BBS and downloading stuff like tetris.     Want to be a sponsor of this podcast? […]

  • PART 5 – Deep Dive Into The 80’s – 1984

    [powerpress] 1984 was a big year, we were 12 and 17 where music took over our lives. So much pop culture came out in terms of movies, books, tv and the LA olympics. But on the flip side you had one of the worst man made disasters in India with over 20 thousand people dying. […]

  • PART 4 – Deep Dive Into The 80’s – 1983

    [powerpress] Here we go as we deep dive into 1983, a big year for music for both of us. We talk about the big albums, yes LP’s not as much cassettes. We also talked about how close were to nuclear war with some major events happening over the pacific. But we can’t forget about some […]

  • PART 2 – Deep Dive into the 80’s 1981

    [powerpress] Oh yeah! part 2 of our deep dive into the 1980’s focusing on the year 1981 with Jocelyn. We focused a lot on the movies from that year. That year where movie ratings started to matter, where some of us could sneak into movies while I was getting shocked by Raiders of the Lost […]

  • PART 1 – 1980

    [powerpress] Oh yeah! part 1 of our deep dive into the 1980’s focusing on the year 1980 with Jocelyn. That was a long time ago, I was still a kid, Jocelyn was just getting into the swing of things as a teenager and discovering things like booze, drugs and women. He would say that he […]

  • The 1980’s Are coming Back!

    [powerpress] With Stranger Things coming back for a second season on Netflix, Jocelyn and I talked about how the 80’s itself is coming back hard. So we asked ourselves; what was the BEST year from the 80’s? You know what? we couldn’t do it! So we decided to do a DEEP DIVE into the 80’s […]