Encrypted Messaging Server Using Matrix Synapse

Join the Avoiding Chores Messaging Server here. Over the holidays, I decided to setup an encrypted decentralized messaging server similar to Signal or Telegram. An open source initiative called Matrix went out of beta in 2019, offering a decentralized node messaging server that looks very interesting and so far has been utilized by the government… Continue reading Encrypted Messaging Server Using Matrix Synapse

Episode 20 – Isolation Edition

Photo: Nadia Bormotova, iStock

We are back after a LONG break, and what better way to spend a friday night is to stumble with technology and use new tools to continue the hangout.

PART 1 – 1980

Oh yeah! part 1 of our deep dive into the 1980’s focusing on the year 1980 with Jocelyn. That was a long time ago, I was still a kid, Jocelyn was just getting into the swing of things as a teenager and discovering things like booze, drugs and women. He would say that he was… Continue reading PART 1 – 1980

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