Craft Beer in Atlantic Canada Hangout

  *Craft Beer in Atlantic Canada Hangout* In this #hangoutsonair we will be doing a recap of craft beers that we reviewed and will be appearing on our youtube channel.

Fundy Event Recap

On May 24, 2012 at 9:50pm AST we will be hosting a live video stream where RevSlippery & Zor from CacheUpNB will be joining in a google+ hangout and we will talk about the recent event at Fundy National Park. Once again, it the event draws the largest outdoor crowds at an geocaching event in… Continue reading Fundy Event Recap

What’s In Your Pack – Hangout

We do another google+ hangouts on-air talking about “what’s in your pack”. This is where we grab an item from our pack and talk about it. First we started up an alcohol stove and boiled some water. While that was being done, we talked about a couple of budget pocket knives.  

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