Cuvée Boréal Bluets

We sample a blueberry beer from Boréale, mainly from products from Quebec. This doesn’t look like a beer, more like a fritzy fruit drink with the blueberry coming in so slightly. Very subtle beer taste. Drink this ice cold on a hot summer day and this ends up being a very refreshing brew.

Garrison Brewing 15th

Garrison Brewing celebrated their 15th anniversary with 15 types of hops, mango & ginger for a 9% strong ale. Goldings, palisade, millenium, columbus, galaxy, tettnang, bullion, crystal, cascade, amarillo, strisselspalt, berle, citra, Mt Hood & Brewers Gold.

Propeller Double IPA

This is a NICE complex brew where the booze doesn’t bite you in the face. It’s not really a hopbomb as compared to some ofthe other IPA’s we’ve had.  We’ve found  this to be a great one to try and find some flavors other than hops.  

No Cracked Canoe Here

Been waiting for Moosehead’s new Cracked Canoe beer, and after seeing on the Twitter feed that it would be available on May 1 all over Canada; I wanted some. Unfortunately I checked 2 NSLC locations and was denied. So I brought home a new Keith’s brew.

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