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How To Create A Running Course When Using Garmin Connect and iPhone


In this video, I’ll show you how to create a 5k running course or route by using your smartphone and Garmin Connect mobile app. Lets say that we are going on a business trip to Boston and need to do a 5k run while there.

Generate Route From Garmin Connect Community

We used to have to do this using the web desktop version of Garmin Connect, but as of the September 2017 app update, you can do this using your smartphone and garmin connect app and then transfer to your garmin forerunner or fenix.

We can use Garmin Connect to generate a route based on activities from other users who upload publicly to garmin connect.

1. Tap MORE | COURSES. Tap on the + to create a new course
3. Wait for Garmin Connect to generate a course route.

From here you can tap on the options icon and specify either kilometer markers overlay, change direction, distance, privacy and name of the route. You can even add course markers like water stops or other types of points along your course route.

4. SAVE and SEND your course to your Garmin Forerunner or fenix.

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