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Crystal Crescent Beach

On a hot summer morning, decided to drive down about 20 min from Halifax to Crystal Crescent Beach to check things out.

The location is also the trailhead for a popular 10 km hike around Pennant Point. The beach of officially a provincial park, so you can expect three parking lots for close access to the 3 small white sand beaches. The roundtrip on this visit was almost 5 kms.

The 3rd parking lot offers change room. You have groomed walking paths and short boardwalk to access each beach. Rolling hills separate each beach. The terrain is barrens but with a little more vegetation than in other areas. We saw more wildlife than usual on this morning.

At the end of the groomed trail, you can start to hop some of the gorgeous granite boulders to get a closer view of the waves crashing against the shoreline. On this section, keep your pets on a leash. Actually it’s leash on for the entire beach.

Just a quick note, that during the summer, the 3rd beach is sometimes populate with nude beach goers. I thought this was an urban myth, but nope!

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