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Cuvée Boréal Bluets

We sample a blueberry beer from Boréale, mainly from products from Quebec.

This doesn’t look like a beer, more like a fritzy fruit drink with the blueberry coming in so slightly. Very subtle beer taste. Drink this ice cold on a hot summer day and this ends up being a very refreshing brew.

Cuvée Boréale is a new collection of natural specialty beers, brewed from the tastiest, highest-quality ingredients from Quebec. We carefully select cultivated and wild plants that embody the flavours and authenticity of our region. Our brewers’ creativity is tempered only by the availability of the right local ingredients. While some Cuvée beers will disappear, you can look forward to discovering new varieties. Surprising and original, our Cuvées combine the craft of brewing with the richness of our resources. 67 delicate wild blueberries charmed by Quebec malt and graced with cranberry. An intense purple brew crowned with an exquisite lilac froth. 5% alc./vol.

All natural beer , brewed with Quebec ingredients. • Newdale two-row barley grown in six regions of Québec and malted in Montréal • Concentrated wild blueberry juice from Saguenay and Côte-Nord • Cranberry juice from Central Quebec • American hop flowers

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