Garmin inReach Explorer – Calibrating Compass & Altimeter

We go over the steps to calibrate the Delorme inReach Explorer electronic compass and altimeter.

The Delorme inReach Explorer contains an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. To calibrate both items, go to the SETTINGS page and scroll down to COMPASS & ALTIMETER

From here you can calibrate the compass & altimeter.

To calibrate the compass, you will need to roll and flip the device so that each side of the device faces the ground. Simply repeats the motions until prompted that it is complete. You won’t get a rejection prompt to try again. This task might last for up to a minute.

Next for the altimeter, you can allow the device to auto calibrate (recommended) or calibrate using the following methods: known elevation, known pressure and GPS elevation.

GPS elevation will take a number of readings and use the satellite accuracy to approximate the value.

By Jim Cyr

Exploring Nova Scotia with a constellation of satellites to guide me along the way. Producing hiking, outdoors, local drink & food videos, you can find Jim's contributions on and a few other places. Jim carries a ZOLEO Satellite Communicator for all of his outdoor adventures.

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