Delorme inReach – Maps Management



In this video, we’ll take a quick look at how you download offline topo maps onto Earthmate to add more functionality to your Delorme inReach for smartphone.

The first time going into the map section of the app, you will get a few prompts to download the wold base reference, this is a 150mb download. You will need to be in wifi range in order to download the maps.

Once the world reference is downloaded, you can now pinch & zoom into a region to download more detailed topo maps from Delorme.

In our example, we will be going for hike at Mount Katahdin, so we just need to zoom into the immediate area which was another 75mb to download. In our second example, we zoomed out to a larger area where 700mb was available to select from. You can pick and choose which tiles to download as to reduce the mount of maps to load onto your device.

Be aware of the capacity of your android or iOS device, depending on the zoom level, you can easily surpass 1gb.

By going into the data management section, you can enable or disable map layers if desired. From here you can also delete any maps that you no longer need.