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Delorme inReach – Update Firmware


In this video, I’ll show you how to update the firmware on your Delorme inReach for Smartphone. You can use either a mac or PC as the updater is web based. In this video, I used my macbook.

First thing is to dig out the micro USB cable that came with your device or if you happen to have a spare lying around.

Remove the battery cover and plug it in. From there go to your computer and login to your inReach control panel (

You will either see a firmware update message on the home page or you can update the device via the settings tab on the tab menu. If you haven’t done this before, you will have to download the Delorme GPS plug in. (

Enter your IMEI & Authorization codes in order to proceed. The codes are located inside the battery area.

Choose the inReach model to update, make sure you choose Smartphone or PN-60w.

Click Next and put your device into UPDATE MODE by holding the MESSAGE & TRACKING buttons at the same time and hold the POWER button until you see FLASHING RED & GREEN LED. Your device is ready to get the update.

The plugin will take about a minute to update your device. Once done, the device will be turned off, unplug the USB cable and put the batteries back in and you are good to go.

POSSIBLE ISSUES: In my case, the power LED was solid when I put the batteries back in, the resolution is to run the firmware update again. I called tech support, for Canada users should contact inReach Canada support. A replacement unit was sent to me next day, great customer service in this situation.

However the above method should work for you.

From the Delorme Website

inReach Canada Website


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