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Dutch Oven Camp Cooking – Pork Stew and Spruce Beer

Time to get busy and use our cast iron dutch oven and make us some pork stew and pair this with a craft beer. Let’s get to it!

First, I’m using a standard beef stew and substituting it with cubed pork.

You will need the following:

I’m using a Spruce beer from Garrison Brewing. This has a nice mix of spruce, fir and molasses. So I think this will go well as a strong beer at 7.5%.

We get some coals ready and pre-heat the dutch oven. Next we’ll soften up the onion & garlic. I also added some pork belly bits to oil up the bottom.

Add in the flour and a bit of the broth to create a paste, this will thicken up your stew. Add in the broth, veggies and pork and let it cook. Give it a stir every 10-15 min while rotating the dutch oven. You will cook this for about 45 min to an hour based on your weather conditions. I had a little trouble since it started to rain and snow, so it took a little longer.

Once the potatoes are cooked to your liking, you can open up the container of dough and place the biscuits on top of the stew and pile on the coals on the top of the dutch oven. This will bake the top of the biscuit. Keep a few on the bottom. Wait about 20 min and they should be a nice golden color, ready to eat.

This was my second attempt cooking with the dutch oven, and I don’t have all the toys to go with it. Put down in the comments your tips & suggestions.

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