Fetchtech Dog Collar and Leash

We take a closer look at the dog collar & leash system by local company Fetchtech. We had the X1 Pro collar & leash for a few months and roughly handled it to see how good it held up with some of the other commercially available products.

This system uses primarily climbing grade webbing & dynamic rope. This is noticeable in how it the material reacts when wet and how quickly it gets dirty.

The X1 Pro collar is a single piece of webbing with s simple mechanical binding for adjustment. This will fit a 85lb black lab’s neck when extended to the largest setting. It has 2 loops to attach the leash, one at the bottom or where the main buckle is. The other is located at the top of the collar. At first I didn’t think I’d use, but with practice, you can secure your dog by clipping the top loop without stopping or holding onto the dog. This is probably the best thing I’ve seen.

The X1 Pro leash is made of dynamic rope with a simple climbing D clip. The length is great for walking and running with your dog. The webing that form the handle covers the rope 3/4 of the way around the loop. In other words you are holding rope. The fabrication & stitching of the product is top notch. Only minor drawback has been the rubber covers that hides the transitions between the webbing & rope wore down a bit. But this does not hamper the leash and is more cosmetic.

This is a hand-made product and after a few months of getting beat around and dragged, I can say that it has held up especially well and have no problem recommending it. Some might find the price point a little high, but compared to lesser products, I think you get more value out of fetchtech products.