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Firebox Folding Stove

First burn on a mild mid-January afternoon.

I hiked out into the woods in mid-January to do an initial burn with my new Firebox folding wood stove.

Why I Chose This Stove

I’ve had my eye on this for a couple of years now, thinking it to be a major upgrade from my ikea hobo stove or even the firebowl I used when I was at search & rescue. The main selling point is that it can be folded flat and fits easily inside a pack. You can even fit in inside a ribz front loaded pack no problem.

How It Performed

Typical Nova Scotia winter is usually a deep freeze and mild thaw with a few freezing rain showers. The problem is finding dry wood to burn. You have to work a little harder to get a fire going, but the firebox is large enough to get the job done. I found that it generates a lot more heat than my hobo stove ever did, I might do a test and make a simple winter lean to and use the firebox as a heat source.

Let me know your comments if you have used this products and such…


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