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Friday Night Hangout – Feb 1 2013


1:30 What we are drinking tonight
4:15 Halifax SAR had a tough few weeks
7:00 Therapy dogs in the local jail?
10:10 Morris house got moved up the road
13:00 Viewer comments
14:20 My twitter almost hacked
14:55 Global Maritimes has a new local morning show
18:44 More viewer comments
19:45 What we are drinking tonight – again
21:00 seaweed as insulation in old houses?
21:50 MADE IN NS Launch
30:00 Going back to Morris house – oldest houses in Halifax list
33:00 Viewer comments
35:50 Super Bowl and other stuff we don’t watch like Hockey
38:00 Starlet talk – Dakota Fanning & Katherine Webb
38:40 Twitter & Viewer comments
39:45 More sports talk
44:20 Scary Movie and upcoming releases
49:30 Viewer comments
50:15 Netflix Canada finally gets some new offerings
53:46 Internet Provider switch – Eastlink to FiberOP and Blackberry
1:00:10 Viewer Comments
1:08:55 What’s Coming Up on our youtube channels
1:14:00 Closing comments from viewers



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