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Friday Night Hangout – Feb 22 2013

Show Topics

  1. Intro
  2. Local Story of the Week (NovaScotian Crystal, Carbon Stock and Backyard & Veranda closes)
  3. Ultramar isolates rural NS town
  4. Brooklyn Restaurant & Nomad Gourmet mashup
  5. Google glass is coming
  6. Oscar Pistorius
  7. Budweiser Goal light pre-order #2
  8. more stuff to come…

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0:10 Intros
1:55 What we are drinking tonight
3:53 Small business closures in Halifax downtown core
10:37 Viewer Comments
12:50 Ultramar isolates Wallace, NS
17:55 Viewer Comments
20:00 What we are drinking tonight
20:30 Bridge Brewing and their interesting situation
22:20 Brooklyn & Nomad Gourmet mashup
25:49 Viewer Comments
28:25 Google glass is coming for the holidays
32:04 PS4 is it vapourware?
35:43 Viewer Comments
38:45 The whole Oscar Pistorius Circus
42:09 Viewer Comments
44:50 The Bud red light goal light
47:20 Viewer Comments
51:01 EastLink wireless
53:30 Viewer Comments
54:40 Samsung Galaxy 4 coming in march
58:45 Viewer Comments

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