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Friday Night Hangout – Jan 25 2013

On the agenda tonight!


  1. We will look at & review the offerings from the newest microbrewery in town – Bridge Brewing
  2. Also do a quick round up of the other smaller microbrews across NS – Hell Bay, Sea Level
  3. Weekly Local Story of the Week. Hint, it’s about the weather & Armour!
  4. The FoodWolf!!
  5. Viewer Comments
  6. and a few more topics (…like Robbie Burns Day!!)




1:17 What are you drinking tonight?
1:45 Bridge Brewing – Farmhouse Ale
2:28 Can you hear us Kerry??
2:45 More About Bridge Brewing
5:21 What about this weather?!?
9:28 Indiana Jones in Fall River!
14:00 Why can’t you hear us?
14:25 The Food Wolf at the Old Farmers Market
16:00 Robbie Burns Day
17:00 Viewer Comments…or is there?
18:00 Can you hear us Kerry?
18:45 More Bridge Brewing Beer
22:34 Even Keith Can’t hear us
22:55 Hell Bay Brewing
25:50 Sea Level Brewery
29:00 Bridge Brewing – 65m Ale
31:21 Viewer Comments
33:10 Changing liquor laws
35:20 Viewer Comments – CEED program
36:40 More viewer comments
38:10 Twitter Comments
39:45 Granite Brewery – Cardinal Abby Ale
40:00 Scotch talk
42:07 Viewer comments
44:50 Comment from Bridge Brewing via twitter
48:00 Garrison Collaboration in Denmark
52:50 Going back to the Farmhouse Ale
53:00 twitter comments
55:30 wrapping things up


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