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Friday Night Hangout – March 1 2013

Show Topics

  1. Intro
  2. Local Story of the Week 
  3. Another snow storm coming
  4. Bud waters down their beer
  5. Mike Duffy continues to give
  6. EI Investigators show up at houses
  7. Justin Trudeau comes to Halifax
  8. Robin dies in the comic book…..again
  9. Oscars, who watched?
  10. David Suzuki or Sun TV ?

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1:33 What we are drinking tonight
3:38 Where’s the snow?
5:47 Bud waters down their beer, surprised?
8:40 Viewer Comments
9:40 Mike Duffy and other senators continue to give and give
15:49 What we are drinking tonight
16:33 Shoutout to Crowbar foods
17:21 EI investigators trouble brewing?
21:00 Viewer Comments
23:40 Todd talks about Savour NS
26:02 Justin Trudeau leadership mania
29:25 Robin dies….again
32:00 Viewer Comments
34:10 The Oscars
36:50 Viewer Comments
41:50 Suzuki or Sun TV?
49:30 Acadian Maple and Authentic Resort’s Full Steam Coffee
50:05 Viewer Comments
53:00 Nova Scotia protects a LOT of land with Bowater lands
55:25 More Authentic Resort


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