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Friday Night Hangout – May 10 2013

Show Topics

  1. What we are drinking tonight
  2. 130$ Bottle of Beer in NB Liquor
  3. NS Craft Beer Roundup
  4. Cicada Invasion, close your windows
  5. Fairlanes Bowling kicked out of Halifax Shopping Mall
  6. 10 digit dialing and 782 Area Code for NS & PEI
  7. PEI Lobster fishermen protest
  8. Charles Ramsey, hero
  9. Emergency Preparedness Week – Avoiding Chores contest
  10. #Opencity this weekend!
  11. FIGHT at Nova Scotia Legislature
  12. Nova Scotia Flag, official since 2013
  13. YouTube paid subscription Channels
  14. and more…


0:35 Intros
2:30 What we are drinking tonight – Garrison Sugar Moon Maple, Garrison PiLs, Propeller IPA, Okanagan Spring Summer Weizen, Garrison Imperial IPA
4:25 130$ of Sam Adams in NB Liquor stores
8:21 Maritime Beer Moment *Patent Pending*
11:40 Viewer Comments
16:17 Cicada Invasion!
19:53 Fairlanes bowling gets kicked out by landlord
23:25 Viewer Comments
28:25 10 digit sailing and new area code for NS & PEI
33:20 Viewer Comments
35:50 Lobster fishermen protest
41:15 Charles Ramsey
45:42 Viewer Comments
47:10 Emergency Preparedness Week Contest
49:00 The #opencity event in Halifax
58:18 Viewer Comments
1:01:45 Garrison Sugar Maple Moon review
1:03:30 Nova Scotia Fights and Official Flag


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