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Friday Night Hangout – May 17 2013

Show Topics

  1. What we are drinking tonight
  2. Maritime Beer Moment (patent pending)
  3. Mike Duffy….nuff said
  4. Chris Hadfield returns to earth
  5. Robocop statue & remake
  6. Ship building in Bathurst?
  7. Cogswell interchange madness & #halifaxbranding
  8. #opencity review
  9. David beckham retires
  10. Bluenose Marathon Weekend
  11. Google I/O
  12. YouTube paid subscription Channels
  13. and more…


0:55 Intros
1:47 What we are drinking tonight: Garrison Wild Rye IPA, Garrison Hop Yard, St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, Seal Level Hopportunity IPA
3:45 The legend that is Mike Duffy
8:20 Viewer Comments
11:20 Rob Ford Crack cocaine story
13:40 Commander Hadfield returns to Earth
17:50 What we are drinking tonight
19:50 Robocop
23:00 Viewer Comments
27:39 Ship building in Bathurst?
29:30 Cogswell interchange and halifax branding
37:15 Viewer Comments
39:50 OpenCity last week, our thoughts
48:18 David Beckham retires
50:15 Viewer Comments
54:05 What we are drinking tonight & Maritime Beer Moment (patent pending)
1:01:28 Google I/O recap – not a lot of geeks in the house
1:09:40 Viewer Comments




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