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Friday Night Hangout – May 3 2013

Show Topics

  1. What we are drinking tonight
  2. Nova Scotia & New Brunswick Craft Beer Roundup
  3. 1st website restored
  4. 100th Anniversary of zipper
  5. New Rule for cellphone contracts in Nova Scotia
  6. Opencity next week
  7. Pogue Fado closes in Halifax
  8. Search and Rescure Needs Rescuing
  9. E2C this weekend
  10. Ratinaud Launched new product
  11. Buy your own 3D printer at Staples
  12. and more…


0:20 Intros
1:35 What we are drinking tonight: Garrison Baltic Porter, Propeller DIPA, Bridge Brewing Farmhouse, Propeller Red Imperial Ale
3:25 Nova Scotia Craft Beer News
11:50 Viewer Comments
16:50 1st website restored and our early www memories
24:00 Viewer Comments
27:15 From playboy to zippers
30:46 What we are drinking tonight
34:02 New cell phone stuff in Nova Scotia & tablets
41:45 Viewer Comments
48:15 Opencity next week!
53:10 Viewer Comments
57:10 Great shoot with Ratinaud
1:04:15 Viewer Comments
1:07:55 Another pub closes downtown and Gottigen street
1:15:20 Montreal vs Ottawa series – the hit
1:18:00 Fire in Cape Breton
1:22:15 E2C challenge this weekend
1:26:30 Viewer Comments


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