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Frogg Toggs – Ultralight2 Rainsuit Product Review

We take a quick look at a rain suit from Frogg Toggs. The main selling points is that it is advertised as affordable, waterproof & breathable.

Having already owned an earlier version of the product, I was curious to try the ultra-light2 version.

It comes with its own carry pouch and would fit easily in your pack or car for that just in case rain situation.

It is cut big and is designed to be worm over clothes. Personally I think this works best when used in early spring and late fall when you have a few layers on.

In terms of construction, comparing against my older generation Frogg Toggs, the ultra-light2 does have a number of improvements especially with the sewing of the zipper and the elastic bands around the wrists. That being said, I would have preferred having elastic around the pant legs since the extra length got caught easily under my heel.

The material is breathable, you don’ get that clammy feeling when wearing other rainsuits from sweating almost instantly. The durability of the material is an issue. It’s not made to be bushwacking with. It’s really made for standing around or emergency situations where you need to stay dry.

Now finally, how does it handle the rain? Luckily I was able to get out for about an hour in heavy rain & wind and I stayed dry for the most part. Due to the way the hood is cut, I think some of the water is dripping along the edge of the hood and comes down the zipper. I do end up having the area of the zipper wet.

With that, I do recommend it since for a complete rainsuit you can find one on eBay for 20$ shipped. But don’t expect to act like a zip lock bag or durable like canvas.

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