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Fundy National Park Foster Brook Hiking Trail

Backcountry Hiking

This is a forested trail that starts beside Point Wolf Road and has some steep climbs and a stream to follow, as it takes you to the Marven Lake Trail. There is wilderness camping along this route if you want to spend the night out. A return trip via Marven Lake Trail back to Goose River trail can be an adventure especially if you are camping at the Point Wolfe Campground.

More About This Trail

This linear trail provides the fastest and easiest access to a river valley in the park. The trail eventually leads to the Marven Lake trail, passing through significant old growth red spruce forest. The path slopes steeply as you approach the Point Wolfe river. There, the forest becomes more diverse with red maple, yellow birch and fern glades. This section is particularly beautiful during the fall.


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