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Garmin Adds To Tread Lineup With Overland Editions

Announced during CES this week, Garmin will be releasing later this month two additional models to the Tread lineup focused on side by side and over landing.

The Garmin Tread SxS Edition will feature an 8 inch screen and the Garmin Tread Overlander XL will feature a 10 inch display.

These new models will feature the same features found in the Base Edition with the following features not found on the Base Edition:

The Tread smartphone app gets a big updates (available as of January 5 2022). You now have the following new features: has the units being available on January 31, 2022. Usually we see a slight delay of a few weeks or a month.

Accessories for these new devices include a new group radio kit for the Overland edition, Garmin Powerswitch and external inReach & GPS antenna.

The price will not be cheap as the units will start at $1699.99 and $1949.99 CAD

You can check out the functions across all models in the Tread series here in our how-to section

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