Garmin Compare Review – Oregon vs Montana vs GPSMAP 62

Quick compare review between the garmin gpsmap 62, oregon 450t & montana 600.

I looked at a few item: form factor, user interface & paperless geocaching. The unit I had the most experience with was the gpsmap 62. So moving to a touch screen interface was not as difficult as I expected. I liked the form factor of the oregon, I thought it was easy to slip in &out of your pocket, while the map 62 was more useful clipped onto your shoulder strap. That being said, the oregon also sported the same carabiner clip.

The added real estate of the montana made this an interesting unit. I don’t think it’s a very good handheld for hikers, but for anybody who spends more time in or on a vehicle and need to carry a GPS for a few hundred meters then this would work out. The larger screen made easy viewing of certain screens based on your dashboard decision.

Paperless geocaching was easy on all unit. The Montana does store the most waypoints, and the additional storage for maps & other makes intriguing for geocachers. But the oregon & gpsmap 62 are just as capable in my opinion.

If you are a hiker and want something rugged, the gpsmap62 is for you. If you are more an urban GPS user, and like to buy cases to protect your GPS, then this will do the trick. Very portable device, and the touch screen may not stand up to the sae abuse as the gpsmap 62 can.

Finally, the Montana 600 is good for people in trucks or ATV, that need to step out and take a reading, or park & grab geocachers.