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Garmin eTrex SE – How To Tutorials and User Guide

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Garmin released new handhelds in march 2023 and one of the them was the refreshed eTrex SE, which is a big update to the eTrex 10 handheld. This would be a basic no maps but fully loaded GPS device meant for beginners, minimalist or used in group learning or activities like geocaching since it is low cost, long battery life and simple to use.

We have bluetooth and USB-C and an insane bump with battery life. With the bluetooth connectivity, you have now the ability to sync with your smartphone or tablet and sync up your Garmin Explore collections, view phone notifications, download geocaches, transfer software software updates and get weather forecast of your current location.

Garmin eTrex SE User Manual

You can find the Garmin eTrex SE owner’s manual here (web format).

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