Garmin fenix – Custom Workouts

In this video, we will look at how to load a custom workout using heart rate training do to a running activity using your Garmin fenix/tactix. Here we will look at running 10k under zone 2 with auto-laps.

First thing is to go to Garmin Connect on our desktop to create the custom workout. Under the plan menu select WORKOUT and create a new workout. We will give our workout a name 10kZone2Laps.

Start by creating a WARM UP step. Duration is until the Lap button is pressed. The next step is the INTERVAL. This is where all the work will be. Set DURATION for 1km or 1 mile. Since we are doing heart rate training, we will set a Heart Rate TARGET of ZONE 2.

And finally create a COOL DOWN step, just like the WARM UP. The final step in creating this custom workout is to create a REPEAT BLOCK, this is where we define 10k of running. Set the repeat to 10 and DRAG the INTERVAL step into the repeat block. And finally drag the block in between the Warm Up & Cool Down steps.

At this point, PLUG IN your fenix/tactix via USB cable, wait a few seconds for the USB to initialize. Then click on SEND TO DEVICE. Once done unplug the device and let it restart.

To access the workout, switch to your RUNNING profile (optional). And hit the ORANGE BUTTON and scroll to see the WORKOUTS option. Select MY WORKOUTS, here you will find our single custom workout. Continue to press the orange button to DO WORKOUT once you are ready to run(assuming you are already turned on the GPS). Once done your workout, press and hold the BACK button and select SAVE ACTIVITY.