Garmin Fenix – How to Update Firmware

In this video, we will look at how to update the firmware of the Garmin fenix using Basecamp.

First step is to get the latest version of Garmin Basecamp & Garmin WebUpdater installed on your PC or mac. Next plug in the fenix via it’s USB cable and plug it into the computer and open Basecamp. Once the fenix is detected by Basecamp, it will check to see if there is a new firmware available. You will see a notification if your device has an older firmware.

By clicking to install the firmware, Garmin WebUpdater will open and you will be able to see the changelog and to start the process. The WebUpdater will download and transfer the firmware to the device. Unplug the fenix from the USB cable and let it restart.

From here wait a few minutes for the software loader to start to apply the update. The unit will restart once done. To verify the firmware version, RED BUTTON | SETUP | ABOUT