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Garmin Fit ANT+ for iOS

Here are my impressions of Garmin’s ANT+ adapter and Garmin FIT iOS application.

The adapter will allow you to hook up your Garmin sensors like heart rate monitor, footpod & cadence sensor to your iPhone or iPod instead of using your Forerunner.

That means that Polar or Nike + accessories won’t work, but the adpater is limited since you cannot sync a forerunner with it. This to me doesn’t make much sense since wahoo fitness is almost identical and allows such a thing.

The reason why I bring it up is that since we carry more iOS devices, it makes sense to sync our workouts using the adapter rather than haul a laptop and USB dongle all the time. This makes uploading & sharing much more easier.

With that, the Garmin fitness app is pretty simple, no extra features or sharing options. This is a bit disappointing for a $1.99 app. Also we haven’t seen an update for over 6 months. Usually we would see some incremental update.

Other for Biking (where you can mount your iOS device) or Walking, I can’t really use the app for running. There are no audible alerts for distance or laps unlike Wahoo or even Nike+.

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