Garmin Forerunner 10 – Run Walk Interval Timer

In this video, we show how to use the Run / Walk interval timers on the Garmin Forerunner 10.

First step is to hit the SETTINGS button and go into RUN OPTIONS | RUN WALK | TURN ON. If this is the first time setting this up, you will have to set up the specific timers such as 10 min for run interval and 1 min for the walk interval.

Once done, simply return to the main screen and hit the START / STOP to begin your run. From this point the device will work just like a normal run if you want to stop, save or discard.

You can return to the RUN OPTIONS to turn off or edit the alerts. Otherwise the next time you run, it will display the run / walk intervals before starting.

By Jim Cyr

Exploring Nova Scotia with a constellation of satellites to guide me along the way. Producing hiking, outdoors, local drink & food videos, you can find Jim's contributions on and a few other places. Jim carries a ZOLEO Satellite Communicator for all of his outdoor adventures.

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