Garmin Forerunner 10 vs 610 Review



We will do a quick compare review of the forerunner 10 vs forerunner 610.

SIZE- the forerunner 10 has 2 sizes, the green/white is a tad smaller than the black version. Thickness is pretty much the same, but the forerunner 10 is lighter than the 610. So as an everyday watch the forerunner 10 can be worn better than the 610.

BATTERY LIFE- as a watch the forerunner 10 will last up to 5 weeks (so says the manual) and you might squeeze maybe two weeks of activities (6-8 runs) but I think both as comparable when using it regularly for running. You still need to charge it weekly as a habit.

ACCURACY – Surprisingly, the forerunner 10 isn’t bad. I had both watches on my wrist while running for a week and the forerunner 10 was displaying about 10-20m less than the forerunner 610. Satellite acquisition is pretty similar, but the forerunner 10 might be a bit faster in certain situation.

DISPLAY – Forerunner 10 has limited data fields, only 4 of them really. So you don’t have a lot of options while the forerunner 610 can be customized and auto scroll, etc… The backlight on the forerunner 10 is not as good and doesn’t have any of the timeout & alert options you will find on the forerunner 610.

HISTORY – Forerunner 10 is limited to 7 activities, while the forerunner 610 can store a number of months on the device. So you have to make it a habit to upload to garmin connect using the forerunner 10

BOTTOM LINE – Forerunner 10 is for people who want to do 10 & 1 interval workouts and doesn’t want any features, this is the one for you.

Forerunner 610 is for people who want to create custom workouts, Heart Rate training and more.