Garmin Forerunner 110 vs 405 /410 Compare Review

This is a quick compare review between a garmin forerunner 110 and a 405. Our local outfitter store, Trail Shop provided me with a demo unit and I ran with the unit for about 20 km which forms the basis of my review.

I will use the 405 as the comparison.


overall the device is small & sexy than the 405 and much more appealing as a wearable watch. The power save & power off feature means that you only need to charge the unit every 3 weeks. But with normal use, I seem to charge it every week.

The display is nice and clean and provided the basic data fields: distance, timer, date, lap pace and heart rate. 

Features that this unit does not have: auto-scroll, auto-pause, courses, history management, interval training, advanced workouts, data fields customization, & navigation.

While most of us don’t use a majority of these features, it is a specific runner that will find the 110 the perfect unit for them.

Personally, I liked the 110 and wished it included auto-scroll & auto-pause.

However if you do a lot of custom workouts, this probably won’t be the unit for you. But if you are a beginner or long distance runner with no interest in micro managing your runs, than this would fit in.