Garmin Forerunner 610 HOW TO GET STARTED

Going out on your first run with your garmin forerunner 610 is pretty easy. First thing is to get outside to get our satellites so that the watch knows its position. Otherwise, we will get a message asking if we are indoors or not. If we say that we are indoors, then we will be turning off the GPS antenna. You will need to manually turn it back on, or restart the device.

By going to SETUP | SYSTEM | GPS and we can see if the GPS is on/off and we can see the satellite screen which tells us specifically which ones we are receiving.

Once ready, for simple runs without intervals, just press START/STOP. Hit LAP if you want to manually record a lap. Hit START/STOP to complete the activity. Press and hold the LAP button for 3 seconds to reset the counters and have the activity saved into your history.