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Garmin GPS Mounting Options For Side By Side Can-Am Defender

In this video, I’ll go over some Garmin GPS device & monting options when you want to mount a Garmin GPS to a side by side UTV or other. Here I am using a Can-Am defender, but this also applied to similar styled utility rigs such as Polaris Ranger, Honda Pioneer and Yamaha Viking

In a previous video, I mounted my Garmin Tread using the provided hardware but added a few components from RAM Mounts. I think it is fair to say that RAM or equivalant mounting hardware does the job well and provides you the ability to mount other items not just a Garmin GPS.

I opted for installing my Garmin GPS at the dash level, just like I would in a car. A couplr of benefits, easy to wire and good location not in way when driving. A good tip is to check your UTV manufacturer for install instructons if they offer a GPS mounting kit. I ended up looking up the Garmin Montana GPS kit from BRP and used it as a Guide to mount my Garmin tread. (Https://

Once you have spot for a mount using RAM products, it is easy to use other devices such as a smartphone or tablet instead of a Garmin GPS. But I have optionions about mounting a smartphone on a UTV or side by side.

Why Smartphones May Not Be Best Option For Off-Road GPS

  1. Cell phone service when you forget to download your maps offline
  2. smartphone and tablets are fragile
  3. How mapping apps use your data

But to be fair, a lot of people use their smartphone or a used tablet to use for navigation. But I tend to protect my phone and prefer to use standalone devices.

In my rig, I installed the Garmin Tread as my main GPS device for riding in the Can-Am defender. However you can mount another large screen device such as the Garmin Montana 700 series. The big advantage of the Montana 700 series is that it is multi functional and not a purely automotive device like the Tread. This means that you can do more GPS activities withthe montana other than riding.

Another option is to use a smaller GPS such as the GPSMAP 66 or inReach Explorer+. The smaller screen is a factor, but long battery life, same maps, multi functional this also allows you to mount on the left side giving you a quick release option if yu get in & out of your UTV. The bigger screen seem better suited on the right side of the steering wheel in my opinion.

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