Garmin Montana 600 – How to Navigate Waypoints

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to mark a waypoint and navigate to it using the compass page. The compass page on the garmin montana 600 is very customizable and a lot of functions are in the drawer.


In the video, I had the electronic compass calibrated. If you don’t calibrate it then, you might have to start walking in order to get the direction of travel arrow to update itself.

To navigate to a waypoint, you just need to tap the where to? icon and select the type. Depending on your unit & maps, you might have more than just waypoints. You might have geocaches or other POI.

sight n go is a feature where you can lock in a bearing and either project a waypoint . Can be useful when hiking or paddling.

Finally, you can customize the data fields, either by selecting a dashboard or by customizing each data field by tapping on it. You can lock the data fields