Garmin Montana 700 Series How To Tutorials

The Garmin Montana 700 is the latest refresh within Garmin’s handheld line. From their website there are three models to choose from: 700 (base), 700i (base + inReach) and 750i (base + inreach +camera).

Difference Between Montana 700 and Montana 700i

Comparing the specs the main difference between the models is the inclusion of the inReach functionality (700i) and integrated camera. Others have reported that the 700 allows for multi-GPS receiving (Glonass, Galileo), but the 700i seems to not have the same options for satellite reception.

The Specs That Matter

5 inch (diagonal) touch screen – Main selling feature (IMO) this screen is HUGE. Looking at the map or trip computer page is like going to watch an IMAX movie.

16GB internal memory – Lots of internal memory to support the pre-loaded maps (Garmin Topo Active) along with any custom maps you may have. Don’t forget that you also have the SD card slot for an additional 32GB.

Pre-loaded Maps, Birdseye Satellite imagery – The new Garmin Topo Active maps is a combination of both worlds, you got the Garmin POI base layer and on top is a snapshot of OpenStreetMap. Depending on your region you enjoy greater detail than other commercial maps. This also means more frequent updates. An additional benefit is the ability from the device to download birdseye satellite imagery (via wifi).

Withdraw From Fort Knox

A main deterrent for this series of handheld is the price point. In Canada, a Garmin Montana 700 shipped (inc taxes) was above 900$, this is very pricey for a device that is mainly designed for 2 or 4 wheel bikes or very dedicated geocachers. The incremental price increase for inReach technology is minimal but means you will be spending over $1000 dollars on this GPS that does not have anything groundbrakingly new under the hood as compared to GSPMAP 66 or even eTrex 32x.

If I am paying top dollar for a handheld, I want top dollar tech. USB-C ports, the ability to do everything without Garmin Connect or Garmin Express tethering etc…

Garmin Montana 700 User Manual

Click here to view the user manual for the Garmin Montana 700 in PDF format.

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