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Garmin Oregon 450t – Paperless Geocaching

Quick tutorial on how to do paperless geocaching using either or as a listing service.


First thing is to decide which listing service to choose: or is the main listing service with the most geocaches. There are a few ways to download the geocache listings from you can click on the “send to gps” or pay for premium membership. The membership costs about 30$ and one of the perks is pocket queires. The benefit of using pocket queries is that all of the information of the listing is downloaded. Without it, when you try to download the listing,y ou will only get the listing name, GC code and coords.

Or you can use, which is free, all the information is downloaded. Once you have geocaches loaded onto your device, you can view the listing, details, logs attempts. Oregon also supports the chirp beacon. Once home, you can review your log attempts and filter by geocache type, difficulty, etc..

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