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Garmin Training Plans


Fill Up Your Forerunner With Scheduled Workouts

In this video, I’ll show you the steps to create a 5k Intermediate training plan with Heart Rate using Garmin Connect.

This is a good way to schedule your runs and letting your Forerunner tell you what’s on the calendar. Garmin Training Plans have a number of programs available.

As of January 2013, 5k, half & full marathon programs were available at different level and you have the option to choose Heart Rate Training or not.

The video will show you the step to add a training plan to your calendar and schedule the workouts to your forerunner. We’ll use the Forerunner 610 as the target device.


  1. Log into Garmin Connect (
  2. From the top menu select PLAN | TRAINING PLANS
  3. Click the button to create the training plan
  4. Select the training plan you want, you can filter by using the controls on the left.
  5. Open up the program you want to add to your calendar, and select a START DATE
  7. From the top menu select PLAN | CALENDAR
  8. Click on the button SEND TO DEVICE

Before sending the plan to your device, check to see if you will have room if you already have a number of workouts already created. It will overwrite any. Also note that you can’t edit these workouts.

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